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One of my favorite quotes: " They just couldn't believe that somebody would do all that running for no particular reason" ~Forrest Gump


Welcome to my web page!!!!

Thank you to all who participated in the 7th annual Depot Days 5k Run/Walk on October 3rd, 2015. It was another successful year in raising money for J.D.R.F. We had 115 participants; 39 walkers and 76 runners. I would like to thank all of my sponsors. Whether you're a new sponsor or an old one your amazing support is very valued and appreciated!

I have dreaded this day would come ...where life would get busy enough that I wouldn't be able to put 100% of my efforts into my race! God has directed me to put my energy and efforts into other areas of my life at this point. I'm saddened to announce that Im cancelling the 2016 Depot days 5k. I would like to say that I've had a wonderful time putting this event on for the past 7 years! I've had great support from family, friends, fire dept, city police and many sponsors donating to make a dream come true each year! I've managed to raise $17,907.00 for juvenile diabetes research! Without the support I've received this event wouldn't have happened! I appreciate everyone helping out on race day and all the help leading up to the race! Thanks again to everyone involved! Please use this page as a resource for future races in the surrounding area and let's keep moving forward with promoting health and wellness in our lives :0)

 With such great participants and support from sponsors, police, fireman and great friends and family we were able to raise $3,058.00 this year!!! Im excited to announce that it brings us to a total of $17,907.00 raised for J.D.R.F. in 7 years 

Online registration is available at
Please call with any questions (989) 714 2496 (Josette)

All proceeds from this event will benefit the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (J.D.R.F.) 
Sign up to support a great cause all while
promoting health and wellness in our community!

~Josette R. Rang, Race Director

*Race Results can be found at I want to thank Mitch at Miller Race Management for doing such a great job keeping times for us! We really enjoy having them there :0)

I just wanted to give a great big "Thank you" to our many sponsors! I really appreciate the continued support for this event!

Standish Family Dental Center, Bennett Thorburn, ProScape Landscaping, Globe Technologies Inc.,Richardson Chevrolet/Ford, Daniels Septic Services,
The Design Company, Trading Post, Olsen Independent L.L.C., 
Cliff's Bar, The Well Bar, Personalized Business Services, Great Lakes Kitchen & Bath, Burger King, Jay's Lawn Care, Pine River Store, Walker Agency Insurance
Farm Bureau Insurance:Karen Tremble Agency, Surveying Solutions Inc.,
Wiltse Insurance Agency, Wojtowicz Farms, Royale Plumbing and Cooling,
Artistic Vision Tattoo & Piercing Parlor, Standish Dental Lab, Northern Clipper,
Grandma and Grandpa Swartz, Standish Milling

Notes about previous years:

We've had great success in the last few years raising money for J.D.R.F.
2009 124 participants (78 Runners and 46 Walkers) and raised $2,609.00
2010  93 participants (57 Runners and 36 Walkers) and raised $1,847.00
 2011 121 participants (84 Runners and 37 Walkers) and raised $2,436.00 
2012  98  participants (73 Runners and 25 Walkers) and raised $1,863.00
2013 138 participants (97 Runners and 40 Walkers) and raised $3,521.00
2014 95 participants (63 Runners and 32 Walkers) and raised $2,573.00
2015 115 participants (76 Runners and 39 Walkers) and raised $3,058.00

The fourth annual Depot Days 5k Run/Walk held on Saturday October 6th, 2012 was another great success! We had another cold and windy race day but that didnt hold back many smiling faces from coming out and supporting health, wellness and J.D.R.F.

The third annual Depot Days 5k Run/Walk on October 1st, 2011 was another great success! Despite cold and windy conditions we had lots of smiling faces! 

The City of Standish approved a new 5k route for 2011 which the participants mentioned was an improvement from the 09 and 2010 route. I'm glad everyone liked the changes :0)

*This event is in conjunction with the Depot Days festival

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